This is the one word that haunted me all my life. This is the one field I always wanted to be part of since my first sense. This is my destiny, and it is cinema.

When I knew it?

This can be called as an exaggeration. My first interest into movies was when I watched a movie called MONEY MONEY with my mother as a baby. ​










I don't recall anything about it much. But the moment I saw different actors on the silver screen, I felt like I too wanted to acted in their roles. I had this jealous, demanding, unstable feeling inside me which I can recall even now, when I saw that movie. May be , It was my last wish in my previous life. 

Another moment I recall is during my kindergarten. I was watching all the kids dancing on the stage for a song, wearing frocks and suits. I too felt like joining them , followed by the cheering of the crowd. I went towards a make up guy and asked me " would you mind applying me some make up". He refused , stating that " You should participate in the show , if I have to apply you the make up". Thats the line , that changed my entire life and dream. I still don't know why I felt like this in my early years. 

The performer

Taking his words as a clue, I waited for the day to show something on stage and get praised. It happened in 2nd class, when I first performed a mime where everyone laughed watching my comic tantrums. I have simply won First prize without much to strain about. The stage fear lasted for just few seconds.

Starting from there, I became the prize winner of every stage competition held in every school I studied. There was no chance of winning a second even by a mistake. The stage has become a champions playground for me. From that moment I have started to participate in  Dancing, Mime, Mimicry, Playlets, Singing, elocution, speech competitions.






It is inter the mad man who came out of me in total.

I started to imitate each and every person I met , which I felt like trying hard for a moment to express my talent. 



It has reached a new level , when I performed a playlet written by me on the stage in B.Tech with a thunderous applause from the entire college. It is after the graduation , I understood my destiny is into acting career. 

The beginner

My first trials for a movie chance was in in the year 2008 where I have started to try my luck by the movie KEKA under the direction of Teja. Though I was rejected in the movie auditions. There were moments where I was appreciated for my instincts from the jury. 

It is in the year 2010, I got this golden chance of acting in the prestigious production house USHA KIRON MOVIES BANNER as a lead actor in the Tele Film VIYYANKULU. with lost of beginner hic ups I was able to manage to complete the shoot in those days. My character hasn't got much response. But , that was my first ever moments with the camera. 

I must thank AVS garu for introducing me into the film industry. 
















Later I have acted in another Tele film Called  A FACE BOOK LOVE STORY directed by giri nalla. 

It is then I first encountered the 70mm camera in the movie named TULASIDAS where I have donned the role of LORD SRI RAM. My career didn't took of the way I expected. I started to appear in cameos and temporary roles in numerous tele films, short films and movies.

Let me see where, 

I can fill the next chapter with some gracious moments to cherish 

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